Summer in Tarvisio

refreshing nature and exciting sports

Tarvisio is an area surrounded by nature, between the Julian Alps and the Millennial Forest. Sports, entertainment and adrenaline for an active holiday, but also relaxation and activities suitable for children. A unique atmosphere, where every detail gives emotions, sensations, and priceless memories.

You can walk and cycle to discover stunning landscapes, ride along the wild trails, climb up to the highest peaks and even canyoning in our fresh rivers.


Discover the area with slow philosophy: backpack, hiking boots to walk, and you can choose from the many trails in the valley or on the tracks of cross-country trails up to high altitude for the more experienced. Not miss the visit to the Sanctuary of Monte Lussari, reachable by cable car, and a walk to the Fusine Lakes, one of the pearls of our area. The new Alpe Adria Trail path combines a great route paths of Italy, Austria and Slovenia, for a wonderful journey without borders between characteristics and different territories but joined.


Our mountains, the Julian Alps, climbed even at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth century by Julius Kugy, mountaineer and writer. And in winter the indoor climbing gym with beautiful lines both for learning and for those who are already a passionate expert.

Cycling Holidays

Tarvisio is located on the route of the Ciclovia Alpe Adria, awarded the best bike trail in 2015 and where the routes extend over the whole territory of the Three Borders, from Salzburg to Grado, from mountain to sea.
Even for fans of Mountain bike, trails through the woods, along the rivers, through fields of flowers or forest roads for a guaranteed fun for both beginners and professionals.


Golf Senza Confini is just 300 meters from our hotel: a 18-hole golf course which runs between rolling hills, lakes and forests. Due to its location in the middle of nature, it has a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

Adventure Park

A theme park surrounded by nature, with acrobatic routes to move through the trees with walkways, lianas, Tibetan bridges ropes and pulleys. Perfect for the whole family, in total safety.

Dog Trekking

Different from the usual excursion, led by husky dogs from the Mushing School of Fusine in perfect synergy with these wonderful animals.

Trails of the Great War

In Friuli Venezia Giulia, as well as in Tarvisio, are hidden artistic and historic pearls thanks to the mixture of cultures and different influences over the centuries. All historical events can be rediscovered thanks to the open-air museums and itineraries of the Great War, exciting walks in the middle of breathtaking natural landscapes where you can relive the experiences and lives of soldiers.

Water Sports

Canyoning along the Rio Alba: fallen under thundering waterfalls, diving into crystal-clear pools, down steep natural slides. Exciting sports such as surfing biking, kayaking and windsurfing at Lake Cave and the brand new bike & rafting adventure, mountain bike excursion with descent along the Soca River in Slovenia.


880 meter path with loops, woops and doses for a super adrenaline track nestled in the Millennial Forest of Tarvisio.

Vivi la Natura delle Alpi Giulie

Walking, hiking, speleology, historic trails, horse-drawn sleigh rides … many activities accompanied by the best naturalist guides and discover the excellence of our territory. Free with FVG Card!

Malga Montasio

Live the unique experience of visiting the place where it is made Montasio cheese, to find out how is still produced according to traditional methods, to taste a genuine cheese, good today as it was yesterday.

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