Get closer to Yourself in the Italian Alps – August 20/27 2022

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Retrat by Yalla Yoga. Eight days and seven nights of daily morning yoga practice, afternoon workshops, mountain hikes, lake dips, spa treatments and plant-based nourishment.

Why retreat?

A retreat is an opportunity to take space to feed yourself exactly what you need. For some it is a rigorous deep dive into self-study. For others, it’s a time to gently unfold, rest and soak up the magic of time. One of the benefits of traveling to a particular location far from your regular routine is that we can better recognize our unconscious habit patterns, and decide whether we want to let them go or hold on to them. From a more conscious place, we return home to our families, work and life, energized and ready for what’s ahead. The idea is to return to the world with more wholeness. 

Take time for yourself. Get away from the screens and dive into the lush reality of this wondrous planet. Tap into the healing power of the MOUNTAINS, conscious activity and nourishing food. Slow down and bring awareness to our shared ecology and interconnectedness.

The power of the Julian Alps

BREATHE: Air quality is decidedly better for you in the mountains. The air is charged with beneficial secondary metabolites called terpenes that are released from a wide variety of local plants. Imagine a week of breathing in some of the best air quality in the world.
SEE: Magnificent views that leave their mark on your soul. Studies have shown the powerful effects of being close to and actually gazing at mountains and their surroundings. Spend some time literally sitting on some of the oldest and most solid parts of our Earth.
FEEL: Throughout history and across cultures, we have been swimming or dipping ourselves in natural bodies of water as a way to cleanse ourselves—physically, psychologically and emotionally. This holistic catharsis can nourish and awaken us on a deeper level.

We’ll be living in the small village of Tarvisio, in the North-Eastern corner of Italy, right near the Austrian and Slovenian borders. You will experience the character of three European countries in one. The 4-star Hotel Il Cervo is located walking distance from the center of town. We will be immersed in fir-laden Alpine nature and surrounded by the majestic and ancient mountains.

This is spa country

We host a top-notch Wellness Spa that is designed to promote cellular healing & deep relaxation.

What does a typical day look like?

  • 6-7.30am – optional meditation & tea time
  • 7:30-9am – morning yoga practice
  • 9am – breakfast
  • 1pm – lunch
  • 4.30pm – afternoon workshop
  • 7.30pm – dinner

Included on-site activities include pool & sauna use, city/mountain bike use, hotel lounge, walking into the town of Tarvisio, group hike to Mt. Lussari, access to many trailheads right off hotel grounds.

Additional on & off-site activities and excursions include Wellness Spa treatments, water sports, hiking, trekking, adventure park, zip-lining, history & art museums, cave treks, local herbs & botany class in the woods, forest bathing, bike tours, cooking class, & a bunch more stuff! Click here to view more.

What is not included in the price? Transportation to and from the retreat, alcoholic beverages, additional food & drink from hotel bar and lounge, additional activities & excursions which are run by the local providers via your +Card Holiday Pass (most are free!)

Info & booking:

Hotel il CervoGet closer to Yourself in the Italian Alps – August 20/27 2022
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